Yucca mountain

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Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository

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Yucca Mountain

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Mar 16,  · President Donald Trump is asking Congress to approve $ million in spending to restart licensing activity at the Yucca Mountain repository and Author: Tom Dichristopher.

Nov 18,  · Situated on federal land about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Yucca Mountain is a 1,foot-high volcanic ridge that Congress has designated as the sole site the Department of Energy could study for disposal of spent fuel and other high-level nuclear waste, which the government agreed in to take and store for commercial nuclear power companies.

Yucca Mountain has been proposed as the site for the nation's first geologic repository for high-level radioactive waste. This chapter provides the geologic framework for the Yucca Mountain region. Inthe US Congress and President Bush approved Yucca Mountain, Nevada as a suitable site for the geological disposal of nuclear waste and authorized further developmental work for.

Yucca Mountain is located in a remote area of one of America's emptiest states, far from large population centers and drinking water. How Can Americans Enjoy Yucca Mountain?

USA budgets $50 million for Yucca Mountain Yucca mountain
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