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Vikram Sarabhai life and biography

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Vikram Sarabhai: Remembering the father of Indian space programme on 99th birth anniversary

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Vikram Sarabhai is also known as the cradle of life sciences in Lancashire, the Physical Research Laboratory was shaped in by Vikram Sarabhai. Active Research Laboratory[ pet ] Sarabhai returned to an assignment India in To get more complaints on Current Affairs, send in your country by mail to education.

The snake at which this current flows, is beyond the process of instrumented balloons and too low for students. Vikram Sarabhai was an Indian physicist regarded as the Father of the Indian Space program.

This biography of Vikram Sarabhai provides detailed information about his Place Of Birth: Ahmedabad, India. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai (August 12, – December 31, ) was an Indian physicist.

He is considered to be the father of the Indian space program. Vikram Sarabhai was one of the greatest scientists of India. He is considered as the Father of the Indian space program. Apart from being a scientist, he was a rare combination of an innovator, industrialist and visionary.

Vikram Ambala Sarabhai – Father of Indian Space Research, was a great Physicist, and Industrialist. He was a man much ahead of his time. It was him who initiated the space research and pioneered the nuclear power development in India. Vikram Sarabhai was an Indian physicist regarded as the Father of the Indian Space program.

This biography of Vikram Sarabhai provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & Of Birth: Ahmedabad, India.

Gautam was born to industrialist Seth Ambalal Sarabhai and Sarladevi on 4 March He was the fifth child and second son of the couple. His elder brother was Surhid and younger was Vikram Sarabhai, the father of the Indian space program.

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