Questionnaire on customer satisfaction of maruti cars

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Maruti tops in customer satisfaction for new cars

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Maruti first in customer satisfaction. Industry > according to the latest JD Power Asia-Pacific Customer Satisfaction Index. Maruti scored points. The car will be available in six. customer satisfaction in Maruti Suzuki.

The study is based on the primary and secondary data. Primary questionnaire of questions related to customer satisfaction is designed for the survey. A sample size Studied the level of customer satisfaction of Tata Nano car users in Pune City.

The. A Study of Customer Satisfaction on Maruti Suzuki in Indore city A Study of (Size: KB / Downloads: ) INTRODUCTION Whether the buyer is satisfied after purchase depends on the offer’s performance in relation to the buyer’s expectations.

“A Study of Customer Satisfaction on Maruti Suzuki in Indore city” Submitted to For face to face survey, sample size is 20 customer of maruti Suzuki. MILEAGE AND FUEL EFFICIENCY are major factor to customer satisfaction of maruti car. GRIEVANCES HANDLING, MAINTAINS COST AND EMPLOYEE‟S BEHAVIOUR are.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction Index at Maruti True Value Paper

3. Ensure customer satisfaction. With drivers buying a new car only about once every decade on average, repeat business might seem scarce. But drivers need regular maintenance on the cars they purchase, and they also have family and friends who may be looking for a new car.

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Questionnaire on customer satisfaction of maruti cars
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Maruti Suzuki tops JD Power customer satisfaction survey -