Parachute experiment

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Parachutes: Does Size Matter?

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How to Make an Egg Drop Experiment With a Parachute

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LEGO Parachute Experiment August 4, By Emma Vanstone 1 Comment The second in our series of LEGO based posts in association with Twinkl is this fun parachute experiment. You are here: Home > Parachutes Experiment. Parachutes Experiment. Posted on January 17, ; by Hands On Science; in Classroom activities; When air rubs against an object it creates friction called ‘air resistance’.

The size and shape of an object affects how easily it moves through the air. Drop your parachute and watch how it. Test different sized parachutes to see how changes in the size of the parachute affect flight. Please enter a search term in the text box.

Project Ideas: Project Guide: Parachutes: Does Size Matter? In this experiment you tested one variable, the surface area of the parachute. Want to learn how to make a parachute? You're in the right place! Previous post Egg in vinegar experiment.

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C. Parachute Experiment Aim: To investigate the effect of surface area on a performance (more the amount of a parachute better the performance) of a parachute. Hypothesis- More the amount of holes in a parachute, faster the rate of the fall.

Parachute experiment
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