Hindrances in successful completion of construction

Memorial City, Houston

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Hindrances in Successful Completion of Construction Projects and Their Impact on Firm's Performance

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History. Memorial City Mall—then known as Memorial City Shopping Center—was opened in August with 42 stores, including the 1,seat Memorial Theatre.

Project Management Phases: Exploring Phase #3 – Execution

The mall's opening catalyzed development in its immediate vicinity, with the construction of new apartments and the first portions of the neighborhing hospital complex through the late s.

Hypotheses No. 5 H0Environmental disorder does not caused firm’s performance H1Environmental disorder caused firm’s performance CONCEPTS Hindrances in successful completion of construction project are 1) Payment Delays from Client, 2) Co-ordination among, client, consultant, contractor, 3) Lack of Technical Staff in Project Team, 4) Change Orders, 5)Environmental disorder.

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Hindrances in successful completion of construction
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