Green house cultivation in goa

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POMEGRANATE. 1. INTRODUCTION. Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is one of the commercially important fruit crops of is native to Iran (Persia). 2.

A 5 day course on Greenhouse at NIPHT

OBJECTIVE The main objective of this report is to present a one acre bankable model for high quality commercial cultivation of the crop. Coriander a.k.a dhania in india, a.k.a Cilantro in the west, is something that is used everyday in Indian cuisine.

Either the seeds or the green leaves spice up our food.

papaya cultivation in polyhouse

This makes Coriander a must grow for every kitchen garden. The reason it is an ideal candidate is a) it is very easy to grow b. Help with organic farming and at a kennels in Goa, India.

India We are currently setting up a temperature controlled greenhouse with an aquaponic system. We have other projects such as animal care at our kennels, dog training school, chicken and goat rearing. Type of help.

IHT (Institute of Horticulture Technology) is one of the best gardening school in India & offers graduation programmer in agriculture, horticulture research, Diploma courses in gardening, biological science, diploma in horticulture, catering the needs and demands of horticulture industry.

Nov 20,  · India's first exposure to truly hi-tech protected farming of vegetables and other high-value horticultural produce came through the Indo-Israel project on greenhouse cultivation. About thousand hectares area was under Cultivation in floriculture in Production of flowers are estimated to be thousand tonnes loose flowers and thousand tonnes cut flowers in .

Green house cultivation in goa
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