Data acquisition

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Data acquisition

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Data acquisition is the process of using sensors and a computer to measure a phenomenon and convert those measurements into digital data that computers can process and display. Data Acquisition. Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins.

Not all businesses are properly equipped with the data they need to remain competitive in today’s data driven economy. We can put your business on the right path so that this valuable resource becomes your most powerful tool.

Data Acquisition

The OM-DAQ-USB is a portable USB full speed thermocouple/voltage input data acquisition module (fully compatible with both USB and USB ports) that can be used with either desktop or. Data Acquisition Software. Signatec’s GUI based data acquisition software allows for performing all system settings, viewing digital data (either captured or generated), performing signal recordings as well as the option for viewing data in either time domain or frequency domain.

Data Acquisition Processor boards for PC-based real-time data acquisition systems: high-speed I/O, signal conditioning, multiplexing, sample-and-hold, isolation, quadrature decoding, filtering, counter-timers, and more.

Data acquisition
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