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Read Above businessIndustry Information Creative Tubes Cardboard tubes, or paper scissorsare cylindrical products fabricated from wine pulp which has been made into structural varieties of cardboard such as fiberboard, paperboard, blur paper and paper-adhesive composites.

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Tube Body Styles

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Tube Body Styles

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Custom Mailing Tubes - Custom Cardboard & Paper Tubes Over the past 75 years, Armbrust has developed the tooling, knowledge and expertise to produce a comprehensive range of packaging, shipping and storage products in practically any size. Custom Paper & Cardboard Tubes, Mailing Containers, Boxes & Envelopes Armbrust has been in business sincewith over three generations working to help you with all of your packaging needs.

Armbrust is a customer-oriented manufacturer of high quality paper tubes, cans and cores. We are able to provide mailing tubes, protective packaging, and custom paper tubes designed to your specifications with various fabrication options which include plastic end caps closures, or metal end stops; molded wood, wood, or crimped end instituteforzentherapy.comon: E.

Inman Pkwy, Beloit, Wisconsin. Create % Custom Tubes $ 0. [email protected] Sold Out. 13″ x 4″ Paper Tube – Black. Paper Tubes $ 13″ x 4″ Paper Tube – Kraft.

Paper Tubes $ ″ x ″ Paper Tube – White Fiber. Paper Tubes $ Sold Out. ″ x 3″ Paper Tube – Kraft. Paper Tubes $ ″ x 2″ Paper Tube. Chicago Mailing Tube is a premier manufacturer of custom paper tubes, containers, and cores, providing products that are both high quality and economical.

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