Banker customer relationship

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Relationship between Banker and Customer

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Banker Customer Relationship: Types of Bankers Customer Relationship

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Different forms of Banker Customer Relationship in Banking

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Banker Customer Relationship Relationship between a banker and customer comes into existence when the banker agrees to open an account in the name of customer.

The relationship between bank and customer is based on simple contract.5/5(3). The relationship between a banker and a customer depends on the activities, products or services provided by the bank to its customers.

Thus the relationship between a banker and its customers is a transactional relationship. The relationship between a customer/non-customer and a banker is purely depend on the nature or the type of dealings between them.

Following are the relationships that are. As a result, the debtor and creditor relationship between the customer and the banker are created nicely. Even once the bankers lend to the customers, the bankers are. Banker-Customer Relationship: Banking is a trust-based relationship. There are numerous kinds of relationship between the bank and the customer.

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Banker customer relationship
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Banker-Customer Relationship Explained in Detail